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Climate Change: Weapon of Mass Destruction?

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I thought it important, as the RMCF President, that the space allotted for the President’s Corner in this issue of the RMCF Newsletter, be devoted to a topic not associated with creationism per se. 

On Monday, Feb.17, 2014, The Denver Post published an article (page 15A) initiated by Simon Denyer, of the The Washington Post, reporting on a presentation John Kerry gave in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. The title of this talk as stated in The Denver Post was, “KERRY CALLS FOR ACTION, Climate change is a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ he says in Indonesia”. As might be anticipated, Kerry’s talk focused on what he regards as the reality of climate change, the seriousness of its effects, and an urgent need for immediate action. But the part of Kerry’s presentation which disturbs me the most is the statement, “ He labeled those who denied the evidence of climate change as ‘shoddy scientists and extreme ideologues’.” (emphasis added). Consequently, I sent for publication in The Denver Post a letter to the editor, challenging Kerry’s derogatory remarks about scientists who do not agree on climate change. As might have been anticipated, the news paper did not publish my letter (even after reducing it to less than 150 words); hence, Kerry’s label of “shoddy” scientists remains unchallenged in the press. Undoubtedly, no letters challenging Kerry’s comments were published, as evidenced in subsequent editions of The Denver Post. 

Naturally, I am aware that most RMCF regular attendees have no questions about my credentials as a scientist and creationist; but, for the sake of the record, I think my letter, unpublished by The Denver Post, should be documented for all on the RMCF mailing list. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am NOT trying to ‘blow my own horn’ or ‘puff’ myself up; on the contrary, I am taking a stand against Kerry’s assertions not only against me, but against all other scientists who challenge climate change as I do. My letter follows:

John Kerry Insults Reputable Scientists

In the Denver Post, 2/17/14, John Kerry, a nonscientist, is quoted as having called reputable scientists, such as myself, as being “shoddy and extreme ideologues.” I hold PhD and MS degrees in chemistry from Tulane University, an Ivy League institution. Furthermore, after 29 active years in graduate education and research, I have published over 50 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, plus books and reviews. This is hardly the hallmark of a “shoddy” scientist. In his Indonesian presentation, Kerry merely regurgitated the same old arguments initiated some 30 years ago, warning of global catastrophes resulting from carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere. However, to this date, none of these predictions have been realized. I have prepared an in-depth study of the sources of CO2 atmospheric pollution, and found that no significant increase of CO2 has occurred up to 2009. 
A copy of this report is available by requesting via [email protected].

-Edward A. Boudreaux”

Blessings in His Holy Name,

Dr. Ed Boudreaux, RMCF President

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Dr. Edward A. Boudreaux

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