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Evolutionists Promote a New Twist on the Origin of Life

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About two or three RMCF meetings ago, Tom Aanerud, an RMCF Board member who manages the lending library, gave me a copy of an article from the Chemical and Engineering News magazine entitled, “With Protocells, Scientists Probe the Chemistry that Started Biology.” The thrust of this article was, “Researchers design cell-­‐like compartments to figure out how Earth’s first cells might have developed.”

You may recall that in the Oct/Nov. 2015 RMCF Newsletter, the President’s Corner addressed the proposal on how life evolved on Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The conclusion was that the mere production of amino acids, nucleic acids, etc. is far removed from producing functional proteins, DNA, RNA, etc., which are required for cells to exist.

In the C&EN article referenced above (C&EN.ACS.ORG, February 29, 2016), Dr. Sugawara and co-­‐workers at Kanagawa University, designed protocells consisting of bacteria-­‐sized lipid vesicles, which contain phospholipids, polymerase enzymes and DNA, to replicate DNA[1]. These membranes also contain another cationic lipid plus an amphipathic catalyst. The latter forms a complex with DNA and the cationic lipid, which generates more lipids from precursor molecules.

This entire process is a four step cycle: 1st (ingestion phase)-­‐ vesicles deliver nucleotides to RNA-­‐containing protocells; 2nd( (replication phase)-­‐protocells use the nucleotides to copy RNA; 3rd (matura&on phase)-­‐ vesicles incorporate lipids forms into protocell membranes; 4th (division phase)-­‐ a protocell gets large enough to divide into two daughter protocells.

One of the major objections to this process, as pointed out by other evolutionists, is the requirement of an external stimulus to activate the process. In all real cells, duplication is an internal process. Noble Laureate Dr. Jack Szostak, Harvard Medical School, said it is not a way of doing cell division without enzymes and complete RNA replication. Of course the major objection is the use of pre-­‐ existing DNA, RNA etc., which evolution would require to have already been evolved. However, the evidence against the evolution of these essential biomolecules is overwhelming. Consequently, we are back to the same old misguided belief that the evolution of these biomolecules essential to cells is already accepted for the protocells to form and duplicate.

Recall Paul’s writings in Romans, “Thinking themselves wise they became fools….”

[1] Nat. Commun. 2ti15, DOI: 1ti.1ti38/ncomms9352.

Blessings in His Holy Name, Ed

Dr. Ed Boudreaux, RMCF President


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