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Sharing Comments from D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Our multi-tasking Board member Bill Browning passed on to me the content of what I am about to share and with which I am in total agreement. I shall initiate this message with a statement made in the latter part of a report given by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, which asserts that our gospel and faith is not a teaching or philosophy, but it is primarily history. 

The question often arises, why should we care about the specific details of creation? Also, is this essential to our salvation? If we believe the Bible is actually the Word of God, then we must accept all of it as it is presented to us, which is actually history (accurate account of past events). This is precisely what Genesis provides from the time of God's creation and onward. Hence, the Bible must be accepted as "one complete whole", in terms of accuracy and authenticity, from Genesis through Revelation. No one is entitled to the levity of picking and choosing from Scripture as desired. The Old Testament is a witness to the New Testament and vice versa (my comment). Consider what Paul says in Romans 5 and 1Corinthians 15, regarding the origin of sin and God's solution to it, in which Paul is referring directly to Genesis. While it cannot be denied that great scientific minds have made definitive and dogmatic statements in the past, subsequently they have often been proven to be untrue. For example, it had been claimed for a long time that the thyroid and pituitary glands were vestigial (unessential) organs: however, it was later shown that this claim was completely false. Case in point, it is exceedingly dangerous to base the exposition of Scripture on pronouncement of science. (What follows are my comments). Remember, true science exists because God has caused it to be in the first place. It does not exist independent of God, who is its sole author. Statements made in Scripture are infallible, while the proclamations of science are forever subject to change. What science provides are the fruits of the labors of fallible men. Absolute truth can only be derived for an ever present, infallible source, i.e. God. Consequently, it is by no means acceptable to attempt an amalgamation of what purports to be science with the words of Scripture; more specifically, belief in Theistic Evolution is an oxymoron. We must either accept the historical account of Scripture as it is presented to us, or we must deny it. There can be no compromises.

Blessings in His Holy Name,
Dr. Ed Boudreaux, RMCF President

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Dr. Edward A. Boudreaux

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