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Where's the Beef

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I was impressed by a “video” my daughter had made showing a small stuffed frog opening her purse, removing its contents and then climbing inside – all by itself! Recounting how it was done, she told me she would reach into the scene, reposition the frog, remove her hand, and then shoot another frame.  Not surprisingly, I believed her.

Now she was the unseen creative power who made the movie; but God is the unseen power who created and sustains the universe (and us!).  He has told us how He did it (Genesis 1:1-2:25, Hebrews 1:2,3), and we have believed Him (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:23).  

However, I would like to examine one aspect of this colossal subject:  power.  In Jeremiah 51:15 the Lord made the earth by His power.  Psalm 68:34 shows His power to be in the heavens.  Isaiah 40:26 affirms that His creation is complete because of His power.  Yet Hebrews 1:3 explains that the power of His Word sustains all things.  And there are many other passages. 

The practice of true science shows the universe to be constructed purely of energy; and power is the time rate of change of energy.  Consider then the awesome power God exerted to “stretch out” (e.g. Isaiah 44:24 and red-shift) the visible mass of the universe to its 27.6 billion light-year diameter, during the six-days of creation (Genesis 1).  Yet this power is miniscule compared to God’s imbuing all matter in the universe with its latent energy at the moment of creation (Genesis 1:1).  To wit, using special relativity, Einstein predicted that matter is made of energy; and little more than 1.6 ounces of matter need be converted to produce a 1 megaton fusion explosion! 

All of this is but an echo of the Lord’s Spiritual power, which is His specifically constructive, caring, and creative power; a motive force that is evident throughout the Scriptural account, as exemplified in passages like Psalm 8:3-5, Ephesians 1:19-21, Romans 1:16, and Matthew 28:18.   But this creatively and constructively applied power is also abundantly evident in the exquisitely engineered physical and biological systems right here on earth. 

So what’s the beef that evolutionists have with God creating the universe according to the Scriptures?  Well … not all have believed Him; and it is a fairly short chain of logic that goes from disbelieving God, to rejecting history as revealed in the Scriptures, to receiving a naturalistic view of origins; and this view is ubiquitously termed “evolution”.  What’s more, being made in the image of God (having His creativity), evolutionists have crafted their own creation account, and they uphold it by their many words.  Yet, just as God’s creation would vanish if He withdrew His Word; so also the evolutionists’ story would collapse if they were to stop telling it. 

Perhaps the most glaring omission among their copious but unverifiable explanations is that of a creative power having sufficient magnitude to drive the observable universe.  In fact, the only power clearly ascribable to evolution is the secret power of lawlessness, a deceptive power that placates those desiring an excuse to reject the testimony of Jesus.  So the correct question for every evolution believing person should be, not what’s, but rather where’s the beef … Where does evolution account for the prodigious power and acumen that are obviously required to explain reality?  

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