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A Critique of the book, “Fallacies of Creationism”

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In 1985 a book was written by Willard Young (MS and BS Physics) entitled, “Fallacies of Creationism”. This book has been on the RMCF book table for about 3 months, so I decided to borrow it and realized I should read this book thoroughly, since it has been so highly acclaimed by evolutionists.

A search on the web, to my surprise, did not yield any critique of this book by any creationist or creation organization; so, I decided I
should critique this book. This will be spread out over several President’s Corners in forthcoming issues of the RMCF Newsletter. In this first
installment I will give an overview of the book’s claims and provide quotes from evolutionists who have endorsed this book. The book claims that it shows that Scientific Creationism is founded solely on a literal interpretation of the Biblical account of creation, and that creationists twist science (emphasis added) to fit their preconceived religious beliefs. Of course evolutionists never twist science to fit their own preconceived beliefs about evolution?! This book further claims to explain what evolution is, what science is, and why Creation Science is NOT science (but of course evolution is science?). The creationists so called “scientific arguments” hinge upon the following: gaps in the fossil record, young age of the earth and universe, Second Law of Thermodynamics, constancy of laws of nature and astronomical probabilities against the naturalistic origin of life; but this book demolished them completely.

Some endorsements from notable evolutionists include the following:

“Young quotes extensively from the writing of Creationists to expose the manner in which they distort facts and misstate science in order to support
the childish myths they are determined to believe;” - Prof. Isaac Asimov, Boston Univ. School of Medicine.

“Every thinking person must make his decision whether to accept the claims of creationism or the findings of hundreds of years of scientific research. The evidence on the basis of which one is enabled to make such a decision is presented by Willard Young in a carefully researched analysis, and shows how convincingly evolutionary theory can explain the diversity of the living world …”; - Prof. Ernst Mayr, Harvard Univ., Museum of Comparative Zoology.

“Science’s hard-won principles of physics and chemistry, as well as geology and biology, lie at the heart of the theory of evolution. All scientists will surely welcome Willard Young’s thorough exposure of the irrational arguments of Scientific Creationists. He has demonstrated with relentless logic that those arguments would not merit his time or ours, were it not for the fact that many simple people have been misled by them in demanding that schools give creationism equal time with evolution in the curriculum…..” “Now, any thinking person who is willing to give Willard Young’s book equal time with the creationist publications will surely be persuaded that scientific creationism is an invalid fallacy, and that those who subscribe to it are deliberately turning their backs on physical and intellectual reality.” - Prof. Bruce Kendrick, Univ. of Waterloo.

This sets the stage for the critique which will be forthcoming in several stages.

Blessings in his Holy Name, Ed.
Dr. Ed Boudreaux, RMCF President

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