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The National Myth

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Violent revolutions of the 20th century, collectively resulting in the untimely deaths of perhaps 150,000,000 innocent people, had a couple things in common:  1) they were all fundamentally socialist1, and 2) their respective countries were each deceived through a national myth.  Each implementation of the national myth was tailored for its particular target population, and Georges Sorel describes it as “artificial combinations invented to give the appearance of reality to hopes that inspire men in their present activity.”

Sorel had in mind to produce a credible deception3, which causes the target population to place their hopes in empty promises of socialist leaders.  A successfully deluded target population will be whipped into a quasi-religious fervor, so that they are driven by emotions or rationalizations instead of following reason and truth; and though reason is lost to them, they believe themselves perfectly sane while handing their country over to socialist monsters.

Our Country suffers from, not one, but four national myths.  The first and fundamental myth is Naturalism (evolution), that “science proves there is no Creator God”.  This myth is opposite the truth; God is, and real science verifies it.  Nevertheless, Karl Marx, who formalized socialism, rejoiced at Darwin’s book because he falsely believed that biological evolution provided a scientific foundation for his demonic political philosophy.  Socialism is built on the belief that there is no God, and therefore instills Sorel’s mythical hope by promising government as a substitute for God.  Government is the socialist’s messiah.  The Bible calls people of this sort, antichrists.  But America is built on the Gospel of the True Christ.4

The second national myth is anthropogenic “climate change”, which attacks our means of production while the socialists falsely promise “clean energy”. Milankovitch cycles, tipping points, and the carbon cycle are all concepts that scientists trained in evolutionary thinking will involuntarily read into the data. But scientists trained in Biblical creationary thinking do not see any compelling evidence that these concepts are credible or that they were operative in the past. So without Naturalism, the second national myth could stake no scientific claims.

The third national myth is institutional racism. However, starting with the Declaration and Constitution, then The Civil War and the 14th amendment, and finally the Civil Rights Act, institutional racism has been condemned. But again, Naturalism supports it. Evolution was foundational to Adolph Hitler, who demonstrated the fruit of Darwin’s freeway that runs from evolution to racism. Yet the Bible, which Dr. Martin Luther King held supreme, clearly shows why there is no rational basis for racism of any kind, whether it’s based on skin color or national origin.

The fourth national myth is that of an abortion right. First, to anyone who has realized the awful wound inflicted by the abortionist, be it known that the Lord God is gracious and compassionate; He will hear your heartfelt cry. Jesus said,

… whoever comes to me I will never drive away. – John 6:37 (NIV)

The “abortion right”, contrived on January 22, 1973 by seven men on the Supreme Court, opposes the Word of God, and therefore opposes the spirit and text of the Constitution.  But this false right is again founded in Naturalism, which spawns unaccountability toward God.  From this have come eugenics and exponential increases in out-of-wedlock pregnancies, as well as feminism, the blurring of distinct authorities of men and women.  And, based on evolution’s vestigial organ craze, many have claimed the unborn baby to be just a piece of the mother’s tissue, and can be cut out any time you wish.  Scientifically, we know this claim is absurd.  On the contrary, the baby is a sacred and precious eternal gift given by God to the mother, to be cherished and protected at all costs.

1Mussolini and Hitler both started as socialists, probably remained socialists, but had differences with international socialism and propagandized their nations as fascist.

2Goldberg, Jonah (2007), Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, New York. p. 36, ISBN 978-0-385-51184-1.

3When the serpent deceived Eve, he first told her a few strategically placed lies, which set her up to come to the conclusion, quite on her own, “that the tree was good for food …etc.” (Genesis 3:6). Thus, the deceived audience is made to own the lie.

4Immediately after the signing of the Constitution, the Northwest Ordinance was passed into law. It governed the procedures for bringing in new states; and one of the requirements was that the prospective state had to form its government in such a way that the teaching of religion was required in their schools. At that time, religion was generally understood to mean Biblical Christianity, which of course is the vehicle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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