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Final Conclusion to the Age of the Earth Series

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I hope you have enjoyed this series of President’s Corner articles1, in which I undertook to show that the Scriptures unequivocally state the time for the Creation event was 6 contiguous 24 hour days, and the elapsed time since then was probably no more than 7000 years2.  Also taken up in the series were a number of discussions highlighting the vast divergences of uniformity and radiometric dating from the account of Scripture.  Finally, it was shown that these pillars of the modern strategy against God are so fraught with contradiction as to be defunct if not false science.  

A significant inference can be drawn from the fact that true science shows the conclusions of uniformity and radiometric dating (except postdiluvian radiocarbon) to be in gross error.  Seeing that these methodologies are foundational to the modern deep-time mythology, it is evident that the billions-of-years claim would lose much scientific validity if they were discredited.  Indeed, although the general public continues to be misled by these methodologies, they are actually scientifically falsified; and this President’s Corner series has been devoted to bringing that fact to your attention.  


The significance is that this monumental failure of the secularists’ best effort to discredit the Scriptures, itself, constitutes a confirmation of Scriptural accuracy!  There have been many who support these methodologies, and their careful thought and inquiry has led to what could be extremely potent ideas – if they were true.  So it is difficult to imagine that better means of supporting deep time might exist.  Therefore, because these scrupulously crafted alternatives to Scripture are falsified, their opposite (a young earth) is supported.  And this becomes powerful verification of the Bible.  


In a larger view, I believe we are seeing history unfold, as God equips His people with a renewed confidence in His Word through the Creation-science movement:  Recall from the Scriptural testimony, that for years wicked men studied, plotted, and connived against Jesus, eventually drawing a large mass of complicit people to themselves and convincing the authorities to crucify this Jesus, Who is The Lord of Glory.  But the grave could not hold Him, and on the third day He arose from the dead showing convincing proofs to many people, before being taken up into Heaven, where He is now seated at the Right hand of The Father.  From whence He will come again to judge the living and the dead; and to receive those who have followed Him.  


But just as the Scribes and Pharisees tested Jesus, trying to trap Him in His words, so also now, the purveyors of deep time are trying to discredit the Scriptural testimony.  Their most successful strategy has been to undermine the foundations of the Gospel – primarily using false science to attack the Genesis account – rather than using a direct frontal assault3.  They have amassed a great following to themselves and often appeal to governmental authority to squelch any dissent against their false teachings and fiat pronouncements.  


Yet they have no answer to those who know the Lord, who have studied the Word of God, who understand that true science confirms the Creation account, and who take their stand on the Scriptural testimony rather than kowtowing to human philosophy and the transient vapors of false science.  Perhaps then, through the teaching of Creation Science and through brave men4 who hold these understandings, the good news of the resurrection of Christ, and freedom, will again ring through our land.  



1President’s Corner articles in Foundations, running from May/Jun 2018 through this issue, Sep/Oct 2019.  If you have missed any of these issues, the articles may be accessed on the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship website, at  


2Some have suggested a maximum age of 10,000 years, probably because some discrepancies in early manuscripts have been identified.  But scientifically, it may be difficult to verify where in a 5,000 to 10,000 year range, the age of the earth might fall.  However, it is also difficult to imagine that the true elapsed time from creation to the flood could be 350% longer than what can be surmised from the most reliable Scriptural manuscripts!  For this reason, I am inclined to stay with a maximum age of 7,000 years.  


3Taylor, Ian T, 2008, In the Minds of Men, Darwin and the New World Order:  Creation Moments Inc., Foley, MN, p. 61.

4General use of the word men, plural of man, meaning male or female; understood from Gen 1:27. 

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