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The Philosophy of Geologic Age Dating

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 In the last President’s Corner we looked at three aspects of geologic dating: the procedures, the assumptions, and the so-called “principle” of uniformity. We also found that when all three of these tiers were dutifully applied in radiometric and uranium salts dating methods, the rocks were predicted to be almost a half million times older than the oceans!

Considering that in both methods, the procedures were unassailable, and the assumptions were at least reasonable, it was concluded that the age contradiction was caused by the philosophy of uniformity – a blinding influence that results in failure to account for first-order events of the past. 

Now in the fall (Genesis 3), it is clear that the serpent told Eve one obvious lie after another. However, as revealed in I Timothy 2:14, Eve was deceived, meaning that the lies were not obvious to her – they were cloaked. There must therefore have existed a confluence of circumstance, of words spoken, and of Eve’s nature that led her into a sincere belief that the lie was no lie at all. (Adam was not deceived, but nevertheless led the fall because of something else in his nature).

Now this is the archetype of deception to which we must all pay close attention: The Lord had already told them what was right; all they had to do was believe Him and adhere to His word. The lie we do not discern is always hidden in circumstance, verbiage, and self-reference. However, we do not need to understand it to resist it, because the Lord has already warned us. Consider Colossians 2:8: “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.” (NIV). Nevertheless, in adhering to God’s Word, we gain understanding.

Uniformitarianism is then an errant philosophy. We know it is a philosophy because it is viewed and applied as if it were a governing principle. For example, the Biblical testimony of The Deluge contradicts uniformity; but in making uniformity supreme, its adherents deem the Bible to be mythologically in error! However, we know uniformity itself to be errant because the “geologic record” has clearly become dominated by evidences of catastrophe, not uniformity; and experimentally we have already shown that application of uniformity leads to great contradiction. The practice of true science would reject uniformity as a falsified hypothesis. Thus uniformity is both philosophical in nature and contradicted in observation – a poor standard with which to judge the Bible!

Now in considering the age of the earth, we should see that, logically, neither the past nor future actually exist: they are not here to test and observe. We may have memory of the past and even expectations of the future, but only the immediate is real to us! (God has a more comprehensive view of course, seeing that He is the Beginning and the End). We must then rely on Historians to compile events recorded by eye-witnesses into a calendar (e.g., Julian, Gregorian, …). (Of note, calendars record time using the very lights in the sky described in the Creation account, that serve to mark seasons, days, and years).

But in a dearth of constraining-testimony from eye-witnesses – considering that the past no longer exists and cannot be repeated for testing – it is not a complex matter for virtually any narrative to be constructed and promulgated. Applying Occam’s razor, it then seems that the earth’s age doubling every 10 years for the last two centuries (to get from 6000 years old to 4,500,000,000) is better explained as an invention of the fallen imagination than as a convergence on truth.

In any case, geochronologists must do conceptually the same as historians. Yet they have no eye-witnesses; their events are ratios of elements measured in the present, and their calendars merely traces of time-keeping processes. They think to reach back in time, calibrating ratios and imposing constancy on processes, with nothing more than the presumptive philosophy of uniformity to replace all of Biblical history. Thus, the unreasonably long ages of modern geology and geochronology are not at all scientific, but rather simplistic conclusions of the philosophy of uniformity, appearing as the light of science but in reality cloaking a false philosophy that drives people from the True Light.

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