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Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship - Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, and because it is God inspired throughout, all its assertions are historically and scientifically accurate and without error.

The account of origins as described in Genesis is a factual presentation of simple historical truths, and all basic types of living things (plants, animals, and humans) were made by direct creative acts of God during the Creation Week within approximately the last ten thousand years or less. On the sixth day of that week, Adam and Eve were specially created by God in His image and all other men and women are descendants of these first two human beings.

We believe that the study of natural phenomena will help us to understand God's handiwork. We believe that the great Flood described in Genesis, commonly called Noah's Flood, was a literal, historical event, worldwide in its extent and effects as described in Genesis.

Justification by Faith

The account of the special creation of Adam and Eve as one man and one woman, and their subsequent fall into sin, is the basis for our belief in the necessity of a Savior for all people. Therefore, salvation comes only through the redemptive work of Christ and through faith in receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Science and the Bible

The Bible is the basis of all our beliefs about the universe that we live in. It is the final authority for all our beliefs about man and the universe and that the true facts of science can only support the Bible. If what the Bible clearly teaches conflicts with what science states, we choose the Bible's explanations and will wait for science to catch up. All science must be interpreted in the light of the true word of God

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