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RMCF Monthly Meeting

RMCF-MeetingRMCF is a bible creation group in the greater Denver area that normally holds monthly fellowship meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7 PM sharp. Our current location is at Littleton Baptist Chuirch, 1400 W Caley Ave Littleton, Colorado. The monthly meeting will be prominently displayed on the website home page. At these meetings we provide a guest speaker to help educate God's people and the general public about the scientific evidence supporting creation. Past Speakers have included Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. Russell Humphries, Dr. Werner Gitt, Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Dave Menton, Dr. Steve Austin and our own Dr. Ed Boudreaux. We video record the presentation and make it available for members to rent from our library, and if the speaker approves, we will also post the video to our website in the Video Archives section.  

After the meeting we fellowship with snacks and refreshments. Our vast library of creation resources is also available at the monthly meeting for members to freely checkout creation materials.

We also have partner organizations in Colorado that often host the same speaker the day before or after. Please check the home page for details.

Need a speaker for your church, school, or group? Request RMCF Speaker 

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

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