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Monday, 20 June 2016 00:00

Challenging Evolutionary Dogma in Biology Class



Students can Question Evolution in the textbook Biology, by Miller and Levine


A majority of high school biology classes use a certain text; namely, Biology by Miller and Levine.  (currently 2014 edition).  This webpage provides a database of scientific questions, to be asked by students, in response to evolutionary statements selected from the Miller/Levine text book (one page per sound byte).  The questions track the book’s outline by page number, and students are hereby encouraged to ask the question in class about the content of the current lesson, and then hand the teacher a printout of the appropriate page. 


Page 11: Exploration

Page 13: Predictions

Page 17: Biogenesis

Page 19: Stasis

Page 20a: Fossil DNA

Page 20b: Information

Page 49: Chiralty

Page 215: Cell Structure

Page 449: Genetic Diversity

Page 450: Evolution Scientific?

Page 453: Darwin's Finches

Page 454: Grand Canyon

Page 455: Uniformitarianism

Page 461: Survival of the Fittest

Page 464: Common Descent

Page 466a: Age of the Earth

Page 466c: Fossil Evidence

Page 466d: Whale Evolution

Page 467b: Whale Ancestors

Page 468: Homologous Structures

Page 469a: Embryology

Page 469b: Vestigial Organs

Page 472: Finch Beaks

Page 484: Beneficial Mutations

Page 485:  Lateral Gene Transfer

Page 488a: Pleiotropy

Page 488b: Single Gene Traits

Page 490: Population Bottlenecks

Page 496: Finch Speciation

Page 554: Primordial Soup

Page 591: Antibiotics 

Page 737: Embryological Development

Page 742a: Cladogram



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