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About RMCF

RMCF is a group of Biblical Creationists in the greater Denver area who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We believe that God, through Jesus Christ, created the heavens and the earth, out of nothing (ex nihilo), in six, 24 hour literal days just as He states in Genesis. There is ample scientific evidence that not only is the Bible correct in the creation account of the universe, but is also correct in its implication that the universe is very, very young. On the order of 10,000 years or less. This is a stumbling block for many people, especially those who have been taught to believe that the evolutionary fairly tale is a "true" fact and/or that God may have used evolution to bring man into existence (theistic evolution). Neither premise is supported in Scripture. At RMCF we have faith in God's word and that the Bible is the final authority for all our beliefs about man and the universe he lives in. Here is RMCF's Statement of Belief.

The Mission of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship is to develop a network of people who are committed to the education and proclamation of the inerrant word of God and its literal, six consecutive twenty-four hour days of creation.

As such, we do the following to promote our Mission:

Publish a bi-monthly newsletter that contains articles on creation and creation science, synopsis of past meetings, speaker lectures, and a schedule of creation events and speakers in the Colorado and Front Range area.

Hold monthly Fellowship Meetings (normally the 2nd Friday of each month) where one can meet many other creationist believers and speakers. Past speakers at these meetings have been Dr. Marvin Lubenow, Dr. Jobe Martin, Dr. Duane Gish, Bill Jack, Dave Nutting, Dr. Andy McIntosh (U.K.), Dr. Gary Parker (AIG), Dr. Dave Menton (AIG), Carl Kirby (AIG), Ken Ham (AIG), Dr. Robert Eckel (ICR), Dr. Don Chittick, and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. See the RMCF Monthly Speaker Schedule for the planned upcoming speaker schedule. Many noted creationist lecturers are planned for our future Fellowship Meetings. This is your chance to meet your favorite speaker in person and ask them those questions that have been piling up on your mind. Best yet, the RMCF Monthly Fellowship meetings are free to all. We meet at Littleton Baptist Church, 1400 W Caley Ave Littleton, Colorado.  Come join us!

Provide Creation Speakers for lectures and debates at no cost to you! If you would like one of our local RMCF speakers to visit your church, school, or organization and give a presentation or participate in a debate, please visit our RMCF Speakers page for bios and contact information.

RMCF bookstore where members can purchase noted creationist books and tapes. We will normally also have a supply at the Fellowship Meeting of the books and tapes that the current speaker has authored.

RMCF Library where members can rent at no cost, video tapes from noted creationist authors and organizations (AIG, ICR, etc.). Books will be added as time goes on. Also tapes and videos from past RMCF speakers will be added.

RMCF Website ( where we will address current events and articles from all over the world. This also allows us direct contact with all of our members and to keep them up to date on sudden events. Links to other noted and responsible creationist sites will be provided.

If you are interested knowing more about RMCF and learning about the Bible and creation, please feel free to contact us. You can also attend our fellowship and seminar meetings, and become a member of RMCF. Regular annual membership is a donation of $20.00 or more to RMCF per year and includes the whole family. Regular membership includes all benefits listed above.

For your convenience, you can now sign up for membership online.

If you prefer to send in your membership applciation via mail, please use our Membership Mail-In Application Form.

Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

We have heard it said for years, "Evolution is a fact." It is taught as fact in our public schools, reported as fact in the media, and addressed as fact in the scientific literature. But contrary to popular belief, evolution is not a fact; it is really only a theory. But folks, there is a big difference between what is claimed as "fact" and what is truth. "Scientific facts" can change, but truth is reality and never changes. It used to be accepted scientific fact that the earth was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, and bloodletting was a life saving medical procedure. These "scientific facts" are now in the trash bin of history. Why? Because, as time went on, more light was shed on these so called "facts" and the real truth (reality) was discovered.

Although evolution is the accepted dogma for man's origin, there are many brilliant, first-rate, reputable scientists who do not accept the "fact of evolution". They understand that there is adequate scientific and historical evidence that shows that the basic claims of Darwinism have been proven false by modern science. It was Darwin's hypothesis that the fossil record would eventually show clear evidence of one kind of creature changing into a fundamentally different kind of creature through a step-by-step, gradual process. Today, the fossil record, containing billions of fossils found since Darwin's time, does not support this theory. What the fossil record shows is a massive explosion of life, wherein creatures appear suddenly, fully formed, without a trace of ancestors. Rather than finding the continuous, gradual change as predicted by Darwin, the fossil record shows stasis, followed by extinction. Stasis means that animals appear in basically the same form when they disappear as when they first appeared. This was predicted by the Creation/Flood Model. Example: bats have always been bats in the fossil record, complete with sonar.

All of us as individual, thinking, intelligent adults should realize that no matter what we believe, we ought to have evidence for our belief. We at RMCF believe that the question of origins (Where do we come from?) is one of the most important questions in our lives. We understand there is adequate scientific evidence that shows that the creation model, as told in the book of Genesis and other books of the Bible, is the correct, factual account that describes the origin of the universe, the plants and animals on this earth, and of man himself. We maintain the view that the fossil record is best explained by a devastating global flood of Noah, and is not the result of hundreds of millions of years of "accumulated evolution."

RMCF is a network of young-earth creationists who believe that God created the heavens and the earth, out of nothing (ex nihilo), in six, literal, 24 hour days just as He described in the book of Genesis. There is also ample scientific evidence that not only is the Bible correct in the creation account of the universe, but is also correct in its implication that the earth is very, very young-- on the order of 10,000 years or less. This is a stumbling block for many people, especially those who have been taught to believe that evolution is "fact" and therefore, the earth must be "billions" of years old.

The case for scientific creationism is not based on religious dogma, but on scientific investigation and observation. The fossil record is testifying evidence for creation and the failure of evolutionary theory. If evolution never occurred, there is only one other option open to us: Special Creation by an all-powerful, intelligent, loving Creator.

Folks, the existence and complexity of the universe demands an intelligent Creator, and the Bible has told us who He is: Jesus Christ. If you are interested in knowing more about the "case for creation", join us and become a member of RMCF, subscribe to our newsletter, attend our monthly teaching seminars and visit our web site.

RMCF holds monthly seminar meetings, normally on the 2nd Friday of each month, at Little Baptist Church, 1400 W Caley Ave Littleton, Colorado. Meeting time is 7 PM sharp. At these meetings we will provide speakers and fellowship so as to educate God's people and the general public about the scientific evidences supporting creation. Please see our newsletter and website ( for the current schedule of speakers and topics.

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