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"Stones Of Israel"

When: Friday, November 10, 2017, 07:00pm
Where: 5900 E. Yale Ave, Denver, CO

We are planning a return visit by Dr. Don Patton, geologist on the Noah’s Ark search team headed by Dr. Richard Bright, known as the Ark Search LLC Expedition. Dr. Patton will appear on November 10, 2017 with an update on the Ark Search expedition, which has been delayed by cancellation of the permit by the Turkish government.  Dr. Patton will explain the analysis of excavations into the glacial ice near the summit of the mountain, which in spite of positive radar returns, mysteriously yielded no artifacts.

  Dr. Patton was educated at Florida College in Bible studies, Austin Peay State University (Geology), Indiana U. and Purdue University (Geology) and the Pacific school of Graduate Studies of Melbourne, Australia (Geology and Education).  He was granted a PhD in Education in 1993. As a member of Geological Society of America, Dr. Patton was a speaker at their 1997 annual convention in Salt Lake City.

   Dr. Don Patton is a partner in Mazada, a geological consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. He has worked as a professional geologist in the US, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Australia, Israel, Indonesia, Turkey and England. He has participated in dinosaur excavations in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Canada. The Colorado dig is on-going. In addition, Dr. Patton is the Chairman of the Metroplex Institute of Origin Science, and Evangelist for Melrose Road Church of Christ, Dallas, TX (since 1986).  

  Dr. Patton will speak on the topic "Stones of Israel," describing archeological evidence relating to the Old Testament.  Please join us.  Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship meetings are free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

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