Dr. Edward A. Boudreaux

Dr. Edward A. Boudreaux

This is the final installment of President's Corners regarding Willard Young's book, "Fallacies of Creationism."

Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

Climate Change: Weapon of Mass Destruction?

I thought it important, as the RMCF President, that the space allotted for the President’s Corner in this issue of the RMCF Newsletter, be devoted to a topic not associated with creationism per se. 

Our multi-tasking Board member Bill Browning passed on to me the content of what I am about to share and with which I am in total agreement. I shall initiate this message with a statement made in the latter part of a report given by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, which asserts that our gospel and faith is not a teaching or philosophy, but it is primarily history. 

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