Aug 2015: Dr. Anthony Harper - Evolution's Influence On Psychology

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After showing the AiG video “Already Gone” featuring Ken Ham, Dr. Boudreaux led an open mic discussion.

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Mr. DeGrave discusses a number of different aspects of Creation.

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Writer/publisher and fossil excavator Terry P. Beh presents evidence that Fossilization does not take millions of years.

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Mr. Williams gives evidence and examples of good answers to common arguments used by evolutionists.

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Historical, Archeological, Medical, and Scientific evidences that support the Bible.

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According to secular models, the planets, stars, and galaxies shouldn't exist at all -- yet there...

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A presentation refuting common claims of errors in the Bible. 

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Refuting the human embryo gill slit nonense borne from the "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" lie.

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