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RMCF-MeetingRMCF normally holds monthly fellowship meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7 PM sharp (with occasional exceptions), at Littleton Baptist Chuirch, 1400 W Caley Ave Littleton, Colorado. The meeting will be prominently displayed on the website home page. At these meetings we provide a guest speaker to help educate God's people and the general public about the scientific evidence supporting creation. Past Speakers have included Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. Russell Humphries, Dr. Werner Gitt, Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Dave Menton, Dr. Steve Austin and our own Dr. Ed Boudreaux. We video record the presentation and make it available for members to rent from our library, and if the speaker approves, we will also post the video to our website in the Video Archives section.  

After the meeting we fellowship with snacks and refreshments. Our vast library of creation resources is also available at the monthly meeting for members to freely checkout creation materials.

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Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship
P.O. Box 3451 Littleton, CO 80161
Phone: 303-997-1101
Email: info@youngearth.org

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Information about RMCF speakers and availability

If you would like one of our local RMCF speakers to visit your church, school, or organization and give a presentation or participate in a debate, please visit our RMCF Speakers page for bios and contact information.

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If you would like one of our local RMCF speakers to visit your church, school, or organization and give a presentation or participate in a debate, please contact us! We provide this important service at no cost to you! Following are bios and contact information for our staff of Creation speakers.

Check calendar for upcoming speaking engagements


Bill can can be contacted by phone at 303-843-9556.

Bill Browning is frequent speaker on the scientific creationism, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship, where he currently serves as Treasurer and Librarian. He previously served as the first Editor of the Newsletter. He served as Co-chairmen for the Case for Creation Conference presented by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) at Calvary Temple and Colorado Community Church (held in Denver in October, 2000). He has served as Guest Seminar Speaker for the Alpha Omega Institute in Grand Junction, Colorado, and has participated with them in Vacation Bible Schools in Colorado and Kansas.

Bill was educated at SMU where he earned an Master of Science degree in Engineering, followed by post-graduate work at UCLA. He retired from the Hughes Aircraft Company after a 31-year career in space technology, and he is currently enrolled in the ICR Graduate School in El Cajon, California, with 13 hours of graduate courses in geology, astronomy, paleontology, and advanced concepts in creationism. He is a member of the Creation Research Society, and he conducts workshops for Christian schools and homeschoolers, at Christian camps, and at various speaking engagements around the Rocky Mountain area.



Fred can be contacted by email or phone at 303-469-9619.

Fred Williams has been giving lectures on creation for over 25 years to churches, schools, conferences, and other organizations. In addition to serving as a speaker for Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship, he also serves as their Webmaster. Mr. Williams has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and has spent the last 30+ years in the high tech industry as a design engineer of both hardware and software. His projects have included developing software for a cutting-edge adult stem cell growth chamber, managing a team that produced high-precision GPS devices for off-highway vehicles, and is currently employed by Micron developing NAND storage solutions. He is currently the co-host with Bob Enyart on the popular Real Science Radio program that airs every Friday at 3:00pm on the 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. He has long served as the Webmaster for the Creation Research Society, the oldest creation organization in the United States.


Regular annual membership is a donation of $25.00 per year, and includes the whole family. With your membership you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter, which contains articles on creation and creation science, synopsis of past meetings, speaker lectures, and a schedule of creation events and speakers in the Colorado and Front Range area. As a member you can also rent books & videos from our extensive library at no cost.

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